UFMG School of Architecture

This project intend to engage the architecture and urban planning students to participate through the process of the development to the new building of the university. It was a collaborative process where every student could contribute in each others project.

As the land is uneven, the first floor is designated to the library. The promenade integrates the first three floors. The studio classrooms also intents to create integration for the students, as they have a doble-height ceiling and a common mezzanine .

As the project takes place in a tropical country, the marquee protects from the sun as brise soleil. It also creates open spaces that are hallways and can be used as place to socialize and develop other activities.

Portifolio photos25 Portifolio photos26 Portifolio photos27


Mariana Macedo, Isabela Guerra,

Karina Magalhães


Professors Bruno Coutinho, 

Carlos Alberto Maciel

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