Street Seat

During a semester, we had to design and build it ourselves a street seat next to the University Center, the most important New School building. It is located on 13th street, in Manhattan, New York City. After a few mockups and prototypes, we defined the design and started the production process. Our intention was to create something different and coherent with the needs of the students and of the other users. The tubes with different highs create an interesting barrier, also adding green on the top. Four tables  and a few chairs are available for the public and also there are two benches that follows the forms of the tubes, creating a stimulating environment.     Installation movie
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Brejinho’s Park

The park was planned in a swamp area, which includes seven water sources. Today it is polluted, and the main objective of this project is to preserve the river and the native florest. The lake in the middle, created using the topography, promotes socialization and above it there is a  observation deck, where you can have a panoramic view of the  park. Due to the large size of the park, there are 3 access points in order to integrate the neighborhood surrounding it. Seeking to stimulate community users, there is an acoustic shell for events, a theatre and an auditorium. It also contains bike lanes, sports area for skating, courts, and a soccer field.
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