Jardim das Delícias

This intervention intends, through all five senses, to provide different sensations for each person, awaking memories and feelings. The intention was to create an inviting and comfortable place, with attractive colors and soft illumination. By using the same materials in different ways and forms, the proposal was to create an entertaining atmosphere, in order to attract the population of Catas Altas, a small town in the surroundings of Belo Horizonte, showing a different use for the space. All the elements in this plaza are connected, creating an interactive place where you can touch, see, smell, feel or even taste each component. AUTHORS Mariana Macedo, Renata Tamm,  Isabela Guerra, Luísa Metzker, Lina Formoso, Gabriela Maciel, Thaís Guerra, Iara Pezutti ADVISORS Professors Ana Paula Baltazar,  José Cabral Filho,      
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