LIGHTINIG DESIGN AND MARKETING For this project, we had to create a company based on the current real world market. After several researches about the decorative lighting industry, I decided to reach a low-price product, that would have good design, but simple materials. My product would also have organic forms, with a modular connection. In this way, the customer would have fun with the puzzle ìDo-It-Yourselfî, and it would became a part of the purpose of the product. Other goals and objectives for my company would be: Increase the selling space by 15% in 3 years, Improve production efficiency by 5% per year and Invest additional 5% per year on marketing in coming 3 years.
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The Living Room

The couch is inspired by nature and its curved forms, which can provide more comfort and also more flexibility. People can use it in different ways and sit in different positions. It can be an important piece in a room, since it is interesting to be seen from the back and from both sides. The coffee table design intents to provide the customers the possibility to use it in different forms and dimensions. As a revival of Art Deco movement, it has a clean but also modern shape, which can compose an interesting room.   Additionally, the divider intends to create a intimate room, but it also provides some integration, as long as its height is above the eye line, allowing a full vision from the space.  
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CERAMIC DESIGN During a semester, I took some art classes to learn the tile process. We started with some hand-made ceramic ones, whereas we could create the shape that we wanted. We learned some color techniques, as Adobe, before and after burning them. The next step was creating a pattern on a prefabricated tile. The technique used was “Corda Seca” (dry rope), that allows us draw a thin line that separate the colors.
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